Roses, Violets and You





Roses are red violets are blue,

I pray that today will be spectacular for you,

You are an amazing creation,

Born of love and truth,


Created to do amazing things,

Those things that only you can do,

There is no need to be like someone else,

All you need to be is you,


Lighting the world, offering it love and truth,

I pray today will be spectacular for you,

Giving your heart and soul to all that you do,

Others will be touched by the love of you,



When you enter the room let them know your smile,

Give them something to strive for as you strut in your style,

Don’t hold back, you have a lot to say.

We were blessed with you, so that you could light the way.


Your depth is deep, your reach long,

Your strength is stronger than you believe it to be strong,

I know you do not see it yet, just believe It’s true,

There are amazing things that you are yet to do,


Walk in it, shine it, it is only meant for you,

 This is your life and there is so much for you to do,

Growing, teaching, stretching to be true,

Showing others how to do them as you do you.

Violet Rose

Don’t be afraid; there is nothing to fear,

You cannot lose for you are the only winner here,

Sure others will judge and try to critique,

They have no clue of what you should be,


Only you can say, only you really know,

What is placed inside you for only you to show,

Go on, show it, give it your all,

Let the world see you tall,


Build up high but reach them low,

Help them know that even they can grow,

Don’t get lost though, thinking that it’s just for you,

You were given this gift to help the world see truth.


Teach them young help them old,

Give your heart, it will feed souls,

A loving heart heals what riches won’t

Let your heart do what others don’t


Be the example of what love can do.

For roses are red and violets are blue,

I know that today will be a spectacular day for you. 



Hug for love

A hug can go a long way to help brighten someone’s day.  Even if you are not normally a hugger, I challenge you to give a hug away today. The warmth of your touch might not only put a smile on your loved one’s face or even a stranger, but it might even make their hearts smile and then you can say; “Yes I did that, I made someone smile today”.



Image result for love picWe all say it at one time or another. Some say it often, others not often enough. I love you! I love you. I really, love you. Do we really know what we are saying, when we proclaim love?

     1 Corinthians chapter 13 verses 4-8, says that “Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Love never ends. As for prophecies, they will pass away; as for tongues, they will cease; as for knowledge, it will pass away”.

     If that is love, and I believe it is; I want more of that. I want to be, more of that. There are so many things in the world that distract us from knowing our truth but at our core I think that the mystery of who we are is really no mystery at all. I think that we are love. To quote the bible again, Genesis Ch. 1 Verse 27 says,So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them”. Well God is love.

God is the creator, and he/she/it, is love. If we are made in the image of God, then aren’t we love too. Most of us know that we have the power to create, but what we choose to create, often times proves to be disastrous. If we are not harming ourselves in some way and others another, then chances are we are proving to lack compassion for our planet, animals etc.

You hear it discussed in various places of worship and there have been some really great books written about it, but it seems that many of us still  just don’t get it; at times myself included. However, the more I learn, the more I believe that instead of the chaos that we have designed, we have the power to create something special, stunningly beautiful even. What if the heaven that many believe we have to die to experience, is really just between our ears?


Easy to Forget But Don’t

Don’t Forget You       

    There are  a gazillion things that can grab our attention away from ourselves, making it easy to forget about us but we must not if we really want to be our best.  If one is married with children than you have all of the needs of your family to distract you. Everything from your kids’ activities, education if you are indeed taking that on like many parents are today with home schooling.  Running errands for your spouse and taking care of his or her needs, this is certainly important and should be given proper attention.  Let’s not leave out our careers and all that they require of us.  Oh and there are those not so important, time wasting activities that we take part in that really do very little for us like watching mindless television or spending time gossiping and socializing with people who do nothing to help us grow into the person we really want to become.

What Do You Do

It is true, you should not neglect your family or your career but neglecting you will almost certainly diminish your ability to excel in those other areas that are very important.  We should always be striving toward some goal that enhances who we are and makes us more interesting.  Who wants to hang around someone with nothing to talk about?  Ok, sure you can talk about your kids and your spouse and what they are doing and of course you will but what are your interests outside of them.  What are you learning, what can you offer to them that will help them to see you as more than just mom or dad.  If you want your children to be awesome then they need to see you doing the same.  It does not mean that you have to be the president or lead a fortune 500 company but simply that you have things that interests you that drive you and help you thrive as an individual.  Your children will learn by watching you.

In a healthy relationship there is not a whole lot hotter than a partner who has their own thing that they pursue with passion.  When we have excitement and joy about our thing; that thing that makes us shine, we can’t help but have some degree of success.  Caring for your home may be your thing that you do better than anyone else and if that really brings you joy, than that will show up in you; and your family will thrive as a result.  However some people need something different. So you are taking care of your family and home but there is this nagging feeling and you of course love your family but feel something is missing.  You need more of something else.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to do this thing or that and there is some part of you that knows if you could just do it you would be happier.  Well making some time to figure out what that thing is can be vital in helping you to develop into the person that you can be proud of , your children can be more proud of, and your spouse will find more irresistible.


       It is so easy to roll out of bed and just get going about your day without putting in any time for yourself, and some days that may be the best that you can do but let those days be few and far between.  Set your clock a bit earlier, and wake up before everyone else giving yourself time for a little peace and quiet.  If you take the time the night before to pick out clothes for the next day, that will save on time. When you are choosing what to wear think, I want to look my best for what I have to do tomorrow.  Style your hair even if it’s something simple but neat; it really makes a difference in the way you feel when you make time for that.  Don’t forget those little beauty enhancers like makeup or just a moisturizer that helps you look and feel refreshed.  Have a cup of tea or coffee or whatever brings you joy.  Think about what you want to accomplish and how you can most affectively accomplish it.  Make some mental notes or if you’ve given yourself enough time go ahead and jot it down.  Having something to refer back to can assist in making sure that you get the job done.     Doing these little things can help you look and feel more polished and give you a great start to your day.  If your day starts well it has a much greater chance of ending that way.



Don’t Waste Your Time!                               


     Not having enough time to do all that we want to do is a complaint that many people have.  However if a good deal of us really looked at how we used our time we would see that we could eliminate a few activities in exchange for some positive life affirming ones.

Sometimes it can be a relief to just veg out in front of the TV but too much of that can steel valuable time away from you.  Use your time wisely by making it a priority to think about what you want to do with it.  Hopefully allowing others to waste your time with hurtful or disruptive conversation is not something you want to do because it is not a good use of your time.  Talking badly about others does nothing but reflect badly on you and puts negative energy out into the universe about another person, which if you haven’t heard eventually comes back to you.

Instead of spending time with people who enjoy gossip join a group or an organization that is working toward something that is in-line with your interest or find friends who inspire you to be your best and for whom you can do the same.  You will see your life more joyously and as being more fulfilled.

Super Important Reasons to Move It!



Exercise, exercise, exercise; we hear it just about every day, and from just about every media that we need to keep moving or get moving.  Most often it is the increasing concerns with obesity that sparks the conversation.   Obesity is clearly an issue and we do need to keep working at getting our weight under control and certainly exercise can help with that if we engage in it.  However there are other great benefits to being more physically active.


A Beautiful Mind      

     A good cardio workout is not only important for our heart but our mind reaps rewards as well.  Research has shown that a heart pumping workout as short as only 30 minutes can help our brain function improve.  Improved brain function of course can mean an increased ability to remember or recall information; more affectively solve problems and or make better decisions.   When we give our bodies a good workout we send blood to our brain which is packed with the vital nutrients it needs to help it operate more affectively.



Let’s Talk About Sex                                                 


Improving our sex life might be easier than we think.  Some women complain of not having the energy to get excited about sex and although we don’t hear about this from men all that often, lack of energy can have the same effect on them.  But hold the phone, there is help through exercise.  Heart pumping activity like a cardio workout can boost our energy and a boost in energy can aid in stimulating arousal.   Not to mention the fact that a good workout helps to get the blood pumping to all of our body parts including our fun parts.  Blood flowing to our genitals can help us get more excited which for sure could make the experience more enjoyable, leaving us wanting more.


Move the Stress Away.    

A healthy state of being is something that we all want but can be a challenge to achieve when we’re stressed.  Fun activities like swimming, tennis, basketball and dancing to name a few are what the doctor ordered.  Physical activity is one of the best ways to get rid of or diminish stress and if it’s something that we enjoy, well all the better.  It gets our mind off of our worries for a bit and also helps us get in better physical shape. Stress can come from a number of sources and one way to alleviate it is to get moving.


For those of us who did not grow up with the knowledge of healthy eating; trying to put together a meal that is an expression of caring for ourselves can seem impossible.  Thankfully we have help.  There are a plethora of cookbooks, websites and  nutritionists geared toward helping us succeed at being stunning.  I found this super yummy meal at  Go ahead and jump in the pool of healthy eating.  The bad stuff might taste good while your eating it but the good stuff keeps satisfying long after your meal is complete.

Grilled Eggplant with Tomato and Feta

Just Say Yes!



Fit Female Legs

Getting your head in the right space to make yourself workout can be challenging, believe me I know.  I use to always fight it, but once I finally gave in I felt so great, I feel great.  Don’t deny yourself the energy that exercise can offer as well as all of the other benefits.

Just say yes! You will not regret it.


Elegant ladyThere is nothing more stunning than a woman who knows who she is, loves herself and as a result treats herself well.  The thing that stands out in her is the confidence that she exudes.  Because she is well aware of her relevance she is able to love freely and completely, helping to make the world a better place.  She is a role-model and example of how to live, love and serve in a world that can at times seem unaware of those extremely vital qualities.

Getting There

How can a woman obtain such stature one might ask?

The answer is simple, by seeking God.  She understands that at the top of her to do list should not be to obtain fabulous shoes and homes or to impress the world with her knowledge or abilities but instead to live and use what she has been given to help people grow closer to God; to their truth.

She knows that she must live her life in service to others and she understands that she must do so in love. 1 Cor. chapter 13 from the Bible teaches that we can give and do all sorts of things but if they are not done in love then it has been a waste of time and means nothing.

I Challenge anyone who wants to live a stunning life to read 1 Corinthians chapter 13: 1 -13 because it has changed my life and continues to do so.  It helps me to deal with people and life situations in a Godly way instead of my way, which could be rude or anger filed were I not aware that I can choose differently.

To seek God for me was to read and study to learn truly what God was, is, and forever will be.  What I have learned is that God is love.  It is important to arm one’s self with love by taking it in through our thinking and our senses.  Are we watching programing that would support or promote love in some real way?  Are we listening to music that conditions the heart to be more loving?  Are we keeping company with people who fill our hearts with joy because of their loving nature?   Are we eating foods most often, which nurture us and enable us to feel satisfied and healthy?   Are we focusing our thinking on positive things that will help us develop into the women we want to be?   Most of us are innately nurturing care takers rushing around for everyone else while neglecting ourselves.

Whose Loving You


If a woman is going to be stunning then she must love herself, for it is impossible to love others without loving you first.  Often times a person can be under the delusion that they love themselves but saying it does not make it so.  It is in the being, the doing that expresses love.  If you only told others that you loved them but never did much to show it, how could they trust your love for them?  If you never showed up to an important event, been a shoulder to cry on or a source of support, then your words would be meaningless.  Well the same is true for you.

Getting ready for the dayTalk is cheap; you need to prove to you that you matter.  You need to show up for you.   Don’t wait until you are going someplace special to treat yourself well.  When you get up in the morning after you give thanks for another day, take care of you.  Make the time to do whatever it takes to make you feel special.  It is different for everyone and there are no hard rules just spend time with you.  Read, meditate; give yourself a mini facial, put on clothes that really make you feel stunning.  If jeans and a t-shirt does that for you, than you are on your way to having a great day.  How about taking a few extra minutes to put on make-up?  If it only takes a smidge of mascara and a lip gloss to make you feel great then why not do that little thing for you.  Go ahead; be stunning and love yourself today.