Roses, Violets and You





Roses are red violets are blue,

I pray that today will be spectacular for you,

You are an amazing creation,

Born of love and truth,


Created to do amazing things,

Those things that only you can do,

There is no need to be like someone else,

All you need to be is you,


Lighting the world, offering it love and truth,

I pray today will be spectacular for you,

Giving your heart and soul to all that you do,

Others will be touched by the love of you,



When you enter the room let them know your smile,

Give them something to strive for as you strut in your style,

Don’t hold back, you have a lot to say.

We were blessed with you, so that you could light the way.


Your depth is deep, your reach long,

Your strength is stronger than you believe it to be strong,

I know you do not see it yet, just believe It’s true,

There are amazing things that you are yet to do,


Walk in it, shine it, it is only meant for you,

 This is your life and there is so much for you to do,

Growing, teaching, stretching to be true,

Showing others how to do them as you do you.

Violet Rose

Don’t be afraid; there is nothing to fear,

You cannot lose for you are the only winner here,

Sure others will judge and try to critique,

They have no clue of what you should be,


Only you can say, only you really know,

What is placed inside you for only you to show,

Go on, show it, give it your all,

Let the world see you tall,


Build up high but reach them low,

Help them know that even they can grow,

Don’t get lost though, thinking that it’s just for you,

You were given this gift to help the world see truth.


Teach them young help them old,

Give your heart, it will feed souls,

A loving heart heals what riches won’t

Let your heart do what others don’t


Be the example of what love can do.

For roses are red and violets are blue,

I know that today will be a spectacular day for you. 

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