Fear Sucks!

Ok so fear can be a useful tool, when we understand that it is to be used to help find a solution to protect ourselves in the face of real danger. However, more often it is the case that many of us allow our fears to control our lives. We decline living and loving because we perceive a threat without determining if the threat is real.
In life we are really on a journey to love, loving ourselves and others. It is pretty much impossible to be loving when we allow fear to control the way we treat others as well as ourselves.
Recently on a vacation with my family, I had an opportunity to have the experience of going pontooning. I had never done it before and so I declined out of fear. I saw another group go and realized that it was no big deal, just fun. Well my family had already gone out on the water and I was left back in the beach just relaxing.
Not the worse thing I know, but think about all of the friendships that could be made but are not because of fear, careers that are never Pursued, innovation/inventions never developed because we are afraid.
We deny ourselves richly rewarding opportunities and experiences when we live in fear.
In order to really be the love that we were created to be, to live the lives of joy and prosperity, we need to put fear in its place.

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