Easy to Forget But Don’t

Don’t Forget You       

    There are  a gazillion things that can grab our attention away from ourselves, making it easy to forget about us but we must not if we really want to be our best.  If one is married with children than you have all of the needs of your family to distract you. Everything from your kids’ activities, education if you are indeed taking that on like many parents are today with home schooling.  Running errands for your spouse and taking care of his or her needs, this is certainly important and should be given proper attention.  Let’s not leave out our careers and all that they require of us.  Oh and there are those not so important, time wasting activities that we take part in that really do very little for us like watching mindless television or spending time gossiping and socializing with people who do nothing to help us grow into the person we really want to become.

What Do You Do

It is true, you should not neglect your family or your career but neglecting you will almost certainly diminish your ability to excel in those other areas that are very important.  We should always be striving toward some goal that enhances who we are and makes us more interesting.  Who wants to hang around someone with nothing to talk about?  Ok, sure you can talk about your kids and your spouse and what they are doing and of course you will but what are your interests outside of them.  What are you learning, what can you offer to them that will help them to see you as more than just mom or dad.  If you want your children to be awesome then they need to see you doing the same.  It does not mean that you have to be the president or lead a fortune 500 company but simply that you have things that interests you that drive you and help you thrive as an individual.  Your children will learn by watching you.

In a healthy relationship there is not a whole lot hotter than a partner who has their own thing that they pursue with passion.  When we have excitement and joy about our thing; that thing that makes us shine, we can’t help but have some degree of success.  Caring for your home may be your thing that you do better than anyone else and if that really brings you joy, than that will show up in you; and your family will thrive as a result.  However some people need something different. So you are taking care of your family and home but there is this nagging feeling and you of course love your family but feel something is missing.  You need more of something else.  Maybe you’ve always wanted to do this thing or that and there is some part of you that knows if you could just do it you would be happier.  Well making some time to figure out what that thing is can be vital in helping you to develop into the person that you can be proud of , your children can be more proud of, and your spouse will find more irresistible.


       It is so easy to roll out of bed and just get going about your day without putting in any time for yourself, and some days that may be the best that you can do but let those days be few and far between.  Set your clock a bit earlier, and wake up before everyone else giving yourself time for a little peace and quiet.  If you take the time the night before to pick out clothes for the next day, that will save on time. When you are choosing what to wear think, I want to look my best for what I have to do tomorrow.  Style your hair even if it’s something simple but neat; it really makes a difference in the way you feel when you make time for that.  Don’t forget those little beauty enhancers like makeup or just a moisturizer that helps you look and feel refreshed.  Have a cup of tea or coffee or whatever brings you joy.  Think about what you want to accomplish and how you can most affectively accomplish it.  Make some mental notes or if you’ve given yourself enough time go ahead and jot it down.  Having something to refer back to can assist in making sure that you get the job done.     Doing these little things can help you look and feel more polished and give you a great start to your day.  If your day starts well it has a much greater chance of ending that way.



Don’t Waste Your Time!                               


     Not having enough time to do all that we want to do is a complaint that many people have.  However if a good deal of us really looked at how we used our time we would see that we could eliminate a few activities in exchange for some positive life affirming ones.

Sometimes it can be a relief to just veg out in front of the TV but too much of that can steel valuable time away from you.  Use your time wisely by making it a priority to think about what you want to do with it.  Hopefully allowing others to waste your time with hurtful or disruptive conversation is not something you want to do because it is not a good use of your time.  Talking badly about others does nothing but reflect badly on you and puts negative energy out into the universe about another person, which if you haven’t heard eventually comes back to you.

Instead of spending time with people who enjoy gossip join a group or an organization that is working toward something that is in-line with your interest or find friends who inspire you to be your best and for whom you can do the same.  You will see your life more joyously and as being more fulfilled.

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