Super Important Reasons to Move It!



Exercise, exercise, exercise; we hear it just about every day, and from just about every media that we need to keep moving or get moving.  Most often it is the increasing concerns with obesity that sparks the conversation.   Obesity is clearly an issue and we do need to keep working at getting our weight under control and certainly exercise can help with that if we engage in it.  However there are other great benefits to being more physically active.


A Beautiful Mind      

     A good cardio workout is not only important for our heart but our mind reaps rewards as well.  Research has shown that a heart pumping workout as short as only 30 minutes can help our brain function improve.  Improved brain function of course can mean an increased ability to remember or recall information; more affectively solve problems and or make better decisions.   When we give our bodies a good workout we send blood to our brain which is packed with the vital nutrients it needs to help it operate more affectively.



Let’s Talk About Sex                                                 


Improving our sex life might be easier than we think.  Some women complain of not having the energy to get excited about sex and although we don’t hear about this from men all that often, lack of energy can have the same effect on them.  But hold the phone, there is help through exercise.  Heart pumping activity like a cardio workout can boost our energy and a boost in energy can aid in stimulating arousal.   Not to mention the fact that a good workout helps to get the blood pumping to all of our body parts including our fun parts.  Blood flowing to our genitals can help us get more excited which for sure could make the experience more enjoyable, leaving us wanting more.


Move the Stress Away.    

A healthy state of being is something that we all want but can be a challenge to achieve when we’re stressed.  Fun activities like swimming, tennis, basketball and dancing to name a few are what the doctor ordered.  Physical activity is one of the best ways to get rid of or diminish stress and if it’s something that we enjoy, well all the better.  It gets our mind off of our worries for a bit and also helps us get in better physical shape. Stress can come from a number of sources and one way to alleviate it is to get moving.

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