Wow Prayer Really Does Work, But How?

prayer image depositphotos_58395271-stock-photo-woman-arms-raised-up-toHave you ever wanted something so much that you could almost taste it, touch it, etc; it seemed so close but it was still just out of your reach, there was some part of you that believed it was possible but then someone who trusted a bit more than you, prayed for you, with you and then somehow, out of nowhere that thing appeared?  How, why and from where did the thing come?


It happened to me recently. I was desiring an experience, one that I had not believed that I deserved fully, but there was a small part of me that could see it as my reality. A wonderful guide spoke with me which helped me to see things, emotionally feel things differently. She prayed for me and in a very short time I began to receive that which I had wanted.


I understand that prayer is communicating with God, The Universe or whatever one calls The Creator or Higher Power. Speaking, listening for the answer and then trusting that it will happen is or can be how prayers are answered.  Luke chapter 11 verse 9 tells us that if we ask it will be given, if we seek, we will find it and if we knock the door will be opened to us. However, the part that had been missing for me was that I also had to be in alignment with the thing that I was asking for.


I trust that there is a creator who or which has already created blessings for me/us. Those things that we desire already exist, and we must be in the space to receive them. That explains, at least for me why there have been times when I wanted things and miraculously it seemed that they appeared right away and other times it seemed to take forever.





When we are in a space of doubt or any negative emotion, that sets us apart from those things which the creator has set up for us. It seems that if we can create, joyful emotions, good feelings and a belief that what we want is possible and let it go then the thing is more likely to appear.


Then is it possible that with or through our emotions we are co-creating with the creator our own experiences? It certainly seems to be the case.


Sometimes we may need someone to pray with us or for us; someone who can help guide us to the emotional state that allows the blessing to come or the prayer to be answered.  We may have areas that are blocking us from our answered prayer and a guide can serve to help us see and remove those blocks in order that we may be in a space to receive our blessing.


I am a witness that prayer does work. It seems to me that at least in part we need to communicate our desire; some request may require action on our part, so we need to listen for next steps and take them. We must have faith that our prayer will be answered and to be in an emotional state that will allow our answered pray to flow to us.

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