You are Perfect.


I remember me before I knew the world. I was a very happy, exuberant little girl.  My dad told me that I was always smiling as a baby. He said that to him it was a bit odd because I appeared to be looking at something  and he wondered what or who I was smiling at. I liked, no, loved everyone and saw them all as family or at least a family friend.  I would have befriended anyone that crossed my path but somehow, I could tell who was safe to talk to and who might not be.

Slowly I began to change, only I didn’t recognize the changes until years later.  Life happened like it does for everyone. People would hurt me and I couldn’t as a child understand why, but I knew that it must have been something I had done. I saw that others were harmed via the media or in my own life.  I learned that there was racism and a host of other isms that caused pain.

Over time I forgot about my natural happy state and learned that things brought happiness. New toys, clothes, where your home was located, and the type of home one owned, was what made people joyful.  I had completely forgotten the little girl who was happy just because.

I went about my life confused a lot of the time because I felt that the world was just so hard and that I was not mean enough for it, so why was I here.  I began to look to others to try to determine who or how I should be in order to fit in.  Finely I had an experience that was still very challenging but it woke me up to my most important truth; that I knew love.  It was in that moment that I began to remember the happy loving little girl.  Now I just had to learn how to navigate this world with that information.

I began seeking, reading everything that I could find and in doing so learned an astonishing fact; that I was always perfect. I never needed to change anything. I had an innate ability to feel who or what was safe and what was ok for me. With all the noise of the world, over time I simply got lost, which is what happens to us all.

We all come to this world perfect beings capable of amazing love because love is what we are; all of us.  When we cause hurt to ourselves or others, that simply means that we have moved away from our true nature which is love.

When we are impatient, unkind, and experiencing emotions that are unhappy, we have journeyed away from our natural state.  If you can relate to my story then please know that in order to find your way back to your perfect self, you first need to know that you are perfect; you are love.

Getting Back To You  love beach pic

It may seem impossible to undo all of the misinformation of the world but it is not. To get back to you, you just need to spend some time getting quiet. WE call it meditation but all that means is to shut out the outside and tune into you.  We’ve all had the experience of knowing. Remember that time when you lost your keys and you miraculously heard, or felt something tell you where to find them, or when someone needed you, and you did not know how you knew, but you just did.   You can tune into that part of you whenever you choose, using your natural guidance system to help you determine who is or is not a good match for a mate, business partner etc…

Tuning into you also aids in getting back to love.  Getting quiet can help you remember those things that genuinely bring you joy. Not the short-lived happiness you might get from buying something but the kind of lasting joy that comes when you share your time, talent or heart with others.  When we are giving from a genuine place we are expressing love, and it feels really good because perfect love is what we are.


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