All We Need is Love



What I Need.

As I meditate on what I need most in order to curate a deliciously joyful life; I understand that the single greatest gear that I can equip myself with is love.  The best path to love is to embark on a journey within.


I grew up with a mom whose love for me was immense. She gave me all she had to give but some how I still did not feel lovable. There was a sadness that I carried like a backpack full of books that I didn’t want to read, and I couldn’t put it down, or at least I didn’t know that I could at the time.

I traveled through my experiences trying to look like I had it all together, not wanting others to see that I was broken. I mean I must have been if my own father didn’t love me. Yes mom was there but my dad, not so much, and it stung. I longed for my dad but he’d left my mom for a much younger model, (a whole other story). I remember questioning why I wasn’t good enough for him to love.

Was it Just Me?

I became an inauthentic version of myself, a people pleasing nicey nice; so not the real me. Kind yes, generous but not nice. It took years and some therapy to see what I was doing, to understand that I was trying to be what I thought was needed in order to deserve to be liked and eventually loved.

     I was so weird, awkward, peering into people trying to figure out what they wanted me to do, be, say, so that they’d like me. It never crossed my mind to question what I liked in a person. I just assumed that most everyone else were confidently thriving, unbothered by insecurities. It took me experiencing someone who I thought was perfect screwing up royally for me to look more closely and see that almost no one had it all together and that I wasn’t as flawed as I’d thought.

Proceed with caution.

When we truly love ourselves enough to care about how we feel, we will carefully choose the people we allow into our lives. Even being cautious about family members. Love them yes, but not giving them power over our state of being.   Setting boundaries will become a priority because we understand that in this life, we only have a certain amount of time and we want to spend as much of that time as we choose to be in a good feeling state. 

When we feel good, we emanate good energy and what we emanate comes back to us.  When we love ourselves, we pay attention to how we feel about the places that we spend our time. Everything from our places of employment, to where we live.  If it doesn’t feel good, we should devise a plan to make it feel better or seek out new environments that help us thrive. 

When we really love ourselves, we pay attention to the way certain foods make us feel; of course there are some foods that nourish us and provide us with energy and a lightness, where other foods might taste good in the moment but leave us feeling drained.   When we love ourselves enough to care about how we feel, we no longer allow things, people or even our own thoughts to deplete us.  Have a negative thought, dump it immediately and replace it with a positive one.  When we love ourselves enough to pay attention to how we feel then everything else that we need and even want will find its way to us, we will create it by living loving lives that emanate joy which will bring more joy right back to us.💞

To Love Oneself is the beginning of a Lifelong Romance

Peter McWilliams

Wow Prayer Really Does Work, But How?

prayer image depositphotos_58395271-stock-photo-woman-arms-raised-up-toHave you ever wanted something so much that you could almost taste it, touch it, etc; it seemed so close but it was still just out of your reach, there was some part of you that believed it was possible but then someone who trusted a bit more than you, prayed for you, with you and then somehow, out of nowhere that thing appeared?  How, why and from where did the thing come?


It happened to me recently. I was desiring an experience, one that I had not believed that I deserved fully, but there was a small part of me that could see it as my reality. A wonderful guide spoke with me which helped me to see things, emotionally feel things differently. She prayed for me and in a very short time I began to receive that which I had wanted.


I understand that prayer is communicating with God, The Universe or whatever one calls The Creator or Higher Power. Speaking, listening for the answer and then trusting that it will happen is or can be how prayers are answered.  Luke chapter 11 verse 9 tells us that if we ask it will be given, if we seek, we will find it and if we knock the door will be opened to us. However, the part that had been missing for me was that I also had to be in alignment with the thing that I was asking for.


I trust that there is a creator who or which has already created blessings for me/us. Those things that we desire already exist, and we must be in the space to receive them. That explains, at least for me why there have been times when I wanted things and miraculously it seemed that they appeared right away and other times it seemed to take forever.





When we are in a space of doubt or any negative emotion, that sets us apart from those things which the creator has set up for us. It seems that if we can create, joyful emotions, good feelings and a belief that what we want is possible and let it go then the thing is more likely to appear.


Then is it possible that with or through our emotions we are co-creating with the creator our own experiences? It certainly seems to be the case.


Sometimes we may need someone to pray with us or for us; someone who can help guide us to the emotional state that allows the blessing to come or the prayer to be answered.  We may have areas that are blocking us from our answered prayer and a guide can serve to help us see and remove those blocks in order that we may be in a space to receive our blessing.


I am a witness that prayer does work. It seems to me that at least in part we need to communicate our desire; some request may require action on our part, so we need to listen for next steps and take them. We must have faith that our prayer will be answered and to be in an emotional state that will allow our answered pray to flow to us.

This Could Change Your Life

What Do You Think?

Image result for mind pictures

Be careful not to concern yourself too much with what others think of you.

You have no way of knowing where others thoughts originate or what is motivating them to think what they do.

It may have something to do with you or it may not.

Sometimes others judge us on passed behaviors, which is understandable. However, if you are striving toward new patterns, allowing others to hold you in the past, does not serve in guiding you to the growth that you are trying to achieve.

Others may judge on past experiences with other people, which have nothing to do with who you are.

No point really spending too much time concerning yourself with what others think, because you can’t really control that.

What we focus on we create. Focusing on what others think of us can create or manifest the very behavior within us.

That can be a good thing if you are around people who are positive and encouraging toward you. But it can have an opposite impact if you are around negative people who lack the ability to see your potential.

Your main focus should be on what you think of yourself. Again what you think, you create. Even if you aren’t where you want to be, simply work toward it. Seek it everyday until it becomes apart of you. Until it is the you that you wanted to be.

Believe you can be whatever it is that you choose to. Seek it with your whole heart and before you know it you are there.

I Love Me!

Megan Trainer said it and I agree, “I Love Me”.


Loving comes easily for me. I think that I was born with a special love gene. I have always been very sensitive to others needs. Feeling empathy for people and wanting them to be ok. I have been so caring and so concerned for others well being that I have at times totally left out my own.

It took some time, longer than I would have liked, to discover that I was not adding myself in the love equation. If you would have asked me if I loved myself, I would have said yes. However, my actions told a different story. I would accept hurtful behavior from others. I was not monitoring, as closely as I should, the types of people that I allowed in my life. I would give my time to do for others but not put in the time to care for me. It was as if I thought that it was selfish to focus on me.  I never really gave a whole lot of thought about my own wants, needs or desires. I remembered myself as a child, and what my interests and dreams were, but at some point I had forgotten about me. It was as if I stopped existing. I can recall a time when I had become so lost and insecure that I began to look to others to help me define me.

Wake Up and know

One day it was as if I had been asleep and I woke up and asked the question, what do I want and I had know idea. I realized that for so long I had been putting myself last, that I had not been living for me at all.  I realized that there was no one who could define me and that as long as I was a people pleaser, I was setting myself up to be taken advantage of. I learned that as much as I had been giving to others, I had not really been as helpful as I could have been if I had been truly loving to myself.


A Guide to Self Love

Step 1. Loving Yourself Enough to Live Your Dream

Loving yourself does take some effort but you are worth it.  You deserve to experience joy and the passion felt when you really live for you. Most people give up on their dreams, settling for mediocre experiences.  We look at people like celebrities who are living their dreams and we are in awe of them.

Unfortunately we are not paying attention to there not so secret, secret.  They have simply discovered where their passion lies. They work diligently to hone their craft, in order to live their dream.  Their families and friends are the beneficiaries of their decision to live their dream.

Alternatively, people often give up their dream out of fear of what their family and friends may think. Denying themselves and everyone around them all of the joy and rewards that their gift would bring.

Step 2. You Have to be the Master of You

Often times the reason that dreams die is because of the thinking of others around us. Well meaning family or friends may fear that our dream is unrealistic, too steep a climb or a variety of other fears that lead them to try and discourage us from pursuing our dreams.  Rather than trust that we can do or become whatever we desire, we trust others to know whats best for us.  That is a huge mistake because they are more than likely not living their dream. They don’t know or trust their own potential so of course they would not be able to see what is possible for us.

Other times our own thinking is the dream thief.  We allow our mind to act as the master instead of the servant that it is meant to be.  Learning to master our minds is the most important step toward self love.  We have about 40 plus thoughts per minute and many of those thoughts do not support our goals.  It is imperative that we shut down those thoughts that inhibit us from moving into the actions that would guide us toward our dreams.


Step 3. Willingness to do the Work 

Another barrier to realizing our dreams is quitting; giving up when the road gets rough.  You have heard the sayings, ” Nothing worth having…., Winners never quit and quitters…”.  Staying the course is so important. When give up we miss out on the open door, that person that would come along to offer you a hand or the big break that would get you there. Sure accomplishing our dream goals is challenging but the alternative leaves us living a smaller unfulfilled life  and that is not loving.


World of Love

If you watch the news you wouldn’t know that love is all around us, that there are people give, sharing and expressing love everyday and all over the world.
There are so many distractions in the world, guiding us away from our true nature, love. However we can find our way back and it is my goal and desire to be a catalyst to help us get there.
I am from the USA but am a citizen of the world. Yes I love my home country but I know that we are all connected and when our brothers and sisters in other parts of the world suffer, just as those here, we are all affected in some way. 
I am praying that we do not have to die to experience a world where love is the standard.
It is my goal to be more awake, consciously aware of my own actions, to be an expression of love to myself and to extend that love to others.
Matthew 7:7-8 says, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:”
Matthew 21:22 says, “If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer.”
I am praying that love will become more of the guiding principle in my own life and in the world.
I know that there is strength in numbers, so I am asking that anyone who would like to see a more compassionate, peaceful, loving world, to please make this a daily prayer and or meditation.
Let’s ask and believe in a new reality. The world we currently experience is the vision of others that came before. Let’s create together, a new vision, a new world.

You are Perfect.


I remember me before I knew the world. I was a very happy, exuberant little girl.  My dad told me that I was always smiling as a baby. He said that to him it was a bit odd because I appeared to be looking at something  and he wondered what or who I was smiling at. I liked, no, loved everyone and saw them all as family or at least a family friend.  I would have befriended anyone that crossed my path but somehow, I could tell who was safe to talk to and who might not be.

Slowly I began to change, only I didn’t recognize the changes until years later.  Life happened like it does for everyone. People would hurt me and I couldn’t as a child understand why, but I knew that it must have been something I had done. I saw that others were harmed via the media or in my own life.  I learned that there was racism and a host of other isms that caused pain.

Over time I forgot about my natural happy state and learned that things brought happiness. New toys, clothes, where your home was located, and the type of home one owned, was what made people joyful.  I had completely forgotten the little girl who was happy just because.

I went about my life confused a lot of the time because I felt that the world was just so hard and that I was not mean enough for it, so why was I here.  I began to look to others to try to determine who or how I should be in order to fit in.  Finely I had an experience that was still very challenging but it woke me up to my most important truth; that I knew love.  It was in that moment that I began to remember the happy loving little girl.  Now I just had to learn how to navigate this world with that information.

I began seeking, reading everything that I could find and in doing so learned an astonishing fact; that I was always perfect. I never needed to change anything. I had an innate ability to feel who or what was safe and what was ok for me. With all the noise of the world, over time I simply got lost, which is what happens to us all.

We all come to this world perfect beings capable of amazing love because love is what we are; all of us.  When we cause hurt to ourselves or others, that simply means that we have moved away from our true nature which is love.

When we are impatient, unkind, and experiencing emotions that are unhappy, we have journeyed away from our natural state.  If you can relate to my story then please know that in order to find your way back to your perfect self, you first need to know that you are perfect; you are love.

Getting Back To You  love beach pic

It may seem impossible to undo all of the misinformation of the world but it is not. To get back to you, you just need to spend some time getting quiet. WE call it meditation but all that means is to shut out the outside and tune into you.  We’ve all had the experience of knowing. Remember that time when you lost your keys and you miraculously heard, or felt something tell you where to find them, or when someone needed you, and you did not know how you knew, but you just did.   You can tune into that part of you whenever you choose, using your natural guidance system to help you determine who is or is not a good match for a mate, business partner etc…

Tuning into you also aids in getting back to love.  Getting quiet can help you remember those things that genuinely bring you joy. Not the short-lived happiness you might get from buying something but the kind of lasting joy that comes when you share your time, talent or heart with others.  When we are giving from a genuine place we are expressing love, and it feels really good because perfect love is what we are.





Don’t forget you; take the time that you need to satisfy your dreams and desires because you deserve it.  The more fulfilled you are, the happier those that you love and care for will be. When we are caring for ourselves, paying attention and addressing our own needs, our light will shine brighter, lighting a path for others.






We all say it at one time or another. Some say it often, others not often enough. I love you! I love you. I really, love you. Do we really know what we are saying, when we proclaim love?    …

Source: Love

Fear Sucks!

Ok so fear can be a useful tool, when we understand that it is to be used to help find a solution to protect ourselves in the face of real danger. However, more often it is the case that many of us allow our fears to control our lives. We decline living and loving because we perceive a threat without determining if the threat is real.
In life we are really on a journey to love, loving ourselves and others. It is pretty much impossible to be loving when we allow fear to control the way we treat others as well as ourselves.
Recently on a vacation with my family, I had an opportunity to have the experience of going pontooning. I had never done it before and so I declined out of fear. I saw another group go and realized that it was no big deal, just fun. Well my family had already gone out on the water and I was left back in the beach just relaxing.
Not the worse thing I know, but think about all of the friendships that could be made but are not because of fear, careers that are never Pursued, innovation/inventions never developed because we are afraid.
We deny ourselves richly rewarding opportunities and experiences when we live in fear.
In order to really be the love that we were created to be, to live the lives of joy and prosperity, we need to put fear in its place.